First Accredited Course on Imaging in Cancer Clinical Trials to be Hosted by Blinded Reader and Investigator Training Institute (BRITI)

Imaging in Cancer Clinical Trials: A One-Day Comprehensive Course

BRITI and the International Center for Postgraduate Medical Education (ICPME) will jointly host the first CME course on Imaging in Cancer Clinical Trials. The seminar will be held on April 16th, 2011 at the Doubletree Hotel in Philadelphia and will be presented by pharmaceutical industry and academic experts. Speakers include: Wendy Hayes, DO (Bristol-Myers Squibb), David Raunig, PhD (Pfizer), Sanjay Saini, MD, MBA (Massachusetts General Hospital), James Conklin, MD (Pharma Imaging Group Consortium), and Andrew Buckler, MS (Buckler Biomedical, LLC). Additional speakers will be announced. 

"We've designed this course for decision-makers in oncology drug development, clinical researchers and study personnel, as well as radiologists and oncologists using medical imaging to assess radiographic endpoints in the evaluation of drug efficacy. It provides attendees with a broad overview of imaging in cancer drug trials" said Dr. Rick Patt, Principal of BRITI/Course Co-Director. 

Some of the topics to be covered include: 

An Introduction to Using Imaging in Cancer Trials 
Risk Management Strategies When Using Imaging in Cancer Trials 
Biostatistical Considerations and Reader Performance 
The Blinded and Site Read Processes 
Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers 
Imaging Efficacy Evaluation Criteria 
Imaging Standardization Processes 

"With the increasing utilization of imaging in oncology trials has come a greater demand for formal training of pharmaceutical personnel on current concepts for applying imaging in drug trials. Regulatory agencies have also been placing greater emphasis on documented training of trial personnel. This course will provide attendees with practical and useable tools for using imaging in cancer drug trials" said Dr. Kohkan Shamsi, BRITI Principal/Course Co-Director. 

The Blinded Reader and Investigator Training Institute (BRITI) offers comprehensive education and training through a broad range of accredited CME courses in the area of medical imaging for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech clinical trials. For the last few years, BRITI has partnered with ICPME to develop high-quality, well-balanced educational programs of scientific rigor and integrity that are free from commercial bias. 

Jenny-Kate Barkin